MagMag บ๊วยคืนชีพ

Waydhanar, A Specialist In Thai Exclusive And Selective Snack, Fruits And Cereals. We Have Our Own Certified Factory And Distribute Products Through Our Own Channels And Other Brands. We Will Delight Asian Customers By Our Delicious And Premium Thai Snacks Filled With Warm-Hearted Kindness Experience.

“Chinese Plum is in the blood of Asian people,” whether it is a mixed-blood Asian. Mainland China, Overseas China, Japanese Peninsula, Hong Kong Macau, Taiwan to Thailand, Malaysia Plums are in our blood. It’s our culture, it’s the magic pill. for lasting beauty youthful brilliance Properties of plum There are really many, so we choose them as a fun snack. Thai people have eaten plums for a long time. And we love to eat it, eat it, eat it. Every time, morning, noon and evening, especially when exhausted. Tired and in need of refreshment

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